Jordan Core Recovery Coach Training Program & SHE RECOVERS Coach Designation

Pricing options

This course may be purchased as a one-time payment of $4200 or as a 6-month payment plan of $800 per month

About the Certifications

  • Additional Training Requirements

    The DCAPC and MABPCB Certification Boards require 'live,' instructor-led training for a minimum of 24 hours. If you are interested in obtaining this credential, Jordan Peer Recovery will register you for the instructor-led portion at no additional charge

  • Field Experience

    All 3 certification boards require field experience (in addition to your JCRC training) for certification. NAADAC = 200 hours IC&RC = 500 hours National Federation of Families = 1000 hours

  • Questions?

    Do you have additional questions? CONTACT JORDAN PEER RECOVERY 1-888-633-JPRT or